Who hasn’t seen a custom auto paint job and thought, I wonder if I could do that?  You can learn custom auto painting; there are plenty of resources available.

Videos are a good way to learn custom auto painting.  Watching the work gives you an idea of how it’s done.  You can buy or download videos from the internet.  EasyPaintYourCar.com at easypaintyourcar.com has DVDs available, streaming video, and seven-day-a-week support.  They also have information on new products such as water-based auto paint.  Some of their videos are featured on YouTube.

Another source for DVDs is tcpglobal at tcpglobal.com.  DVD topics include custom painting flames, famous faces, warrior chiefs, skulls, and flakes.

LearnAutoPainting at learnautopainting.com has tutorials, articles on many custom auto painting topics, and over 90 videos.  It’s a good resource for both beginners and experienced custom auto painters.  Some of their videos are featured on YouTube, and some of their basic instruction is free.

WonderHowTo has a series of thirty-five videos at wonderhowto.com.  They’re free and include how to do sanding, taping, sealing, mixing paint, spraying paint, and buffing.  Each video is a minute long.  Even though they’re short, they’re detailed and include tips such as how to paint with the paint sprayer (put on several thin coats of paint).

YouTube has an interesting video at youtube.com.  It shows an ambitious project–painting pirate ships on the side of a car.  It’s helpful if you want to make some real artwork part of your custom auto paint job.  The video shows the use of car marking pens, which you can buy at a craft store.  They do great detail work and appear to be easy to use.

If you like to learn from books, there are some good ones on custom auto painting.  Thomas Brownell’s "Do-It-Yourself Guide to Custom Painting" is recommended for beginners.  It’s available from Barnes and Noble and amazon.com.  Jon Kosmoski’s "Advanced Custom Painting Techniques" is for experienced custom auto painters and is available at amazon.com.  "How to Custom Paint Your Car" by JoAnn Bortles has over 300 photos and is also at amazon.com.  "How to Paint Flames" by Bruce Caldwell has air-brushing tips and is at Motorbooks.com, Barnes and Noble, and amazon.com.

Videos and books are definitely helpful, but sooner or later you’ll want to plunge in and learn by doing.  There are a number of ways you can do this.  A salvage yard may let you practice your spray-painting technique on some of their junk cars or you may know someone with old cars.  Also, check with your local high school or community college to see if they have a continuing education course in custom auto painting.

Learning custom auto painting is good a way to express your creativity and also have a great-looking car.

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