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Amidst the threat of a world economic crisis, there’s no denying that most people still manage or at least have tried making all ends meet in maintaining a lifestyle of purchasing clothes here and there. Who says only women love to swipe their credit cards and reach their limit before they could even earn their month long salary back from zero? It may be due to the misconception that men just take whatever it is that is being served to them on the table while the ladies spend as much quality time and money on things that will make them feel good about themselves. They say girls shop for shoes and clothes while guys indulge on car parts and gadgets, but whatever the case may be, it only boils down to the fact that we love to buy stuff and are wishing there’s an unlimited shopping spree that we can take advantage of. Symptoms of a certified shopaholic may be easily detected, but for those who just couldn’t get enough and those who don’t have the means to get started, there are still a million and one ways for that dream to become a reality.
The Guilty Pleasure of Shopping Nonstop

Some shopping spree contests and sweepstakes are really stepping up their game, knowing that their terms are indeed very hard to resist. Some prizes are relatively low, like $50 per shopping spree but they can also range up to thousands of dollars. Although there’s nothing wrong with wishful thinking, the best treats are still the ones that include a trip. Just imagine winning an all expense paid trip to go shopping somewhere special. Perhaps a grand mall out of the country with signature stores for free! Due to pricey items being sold at designer shops, some of them just prefer giving out 50-70% discounts on selected pieces instead of handing out complimentary privileges to shoppers. On the other hand, some shopping spree prizes are at online stores while others are in the form of gift cards to be used at regular stores. There are also some promos where the winners have a time limit in collecting everything that they desire in their pushcarts, say 30 seconds or 1 minute. Whether they are in supermarkets, shoe outlets or even toy stores, there’s no denying that if given the chance to wipe all their shelves out for free, we would.
How to Start and Where to Win

If there’s one thing that makes a shopping spree very fulfilling, it’s the fact that you are not spending any of your own money on the things you want to get. You can indulge on anything you may want from a certain store. Getting these free shopping sprees is a lot easier than you might have originally thought. There are many websites and businesses that give out these for free to people and all you need to do is simply enter their competition. Shopping malls can be a great place to find free shopping spree contests. If a shopping mall is big enough then it is likely that they will offer such at least once a year. In order to join, you’re going to have to purchase something from a shop within that shopping mall. Radio stations frequently offer shopping sprees to their listeners. All you need to do is tune in and call up when the competition is on.

A great way to maximize your chances of winning is to have multiple telephones and call at the same time. The Internet is the easiest place to win since there are so many different competitions that you can easily enter. Many websites will offer free shopping sprees and all you have to do is enter your email address. Who said it takes a whole a whole lot of energy to join and win a shopping spree?

How To Win a Shopping Spree imageHow To Win a Shopping Spree imageHow To Win a Shopping Spree imageHow To Win a Shopping Spree imageHow To Win a Shopping Spree image(No Ratings Yet)