Internet Marketing imageInternet marketing is a set of marketing strategies that almost every business needs to explore when planning our your yearly marketing activities.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is the art and science of attempting to show up on search engines when potential buyers search for things relevant to your offering. This strategy works great when used in combination with other marketing strategies, such as PR.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the permission marketing element of Internet marketing. The key to this strategy is attracting targeted prospects, asking their permission to send them relevant emails. The content of these emails is something that needs to get refined through testing.

Affiliate Marketing

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful of marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing is an internet marketing strategy for encouraging word of mouth marketing. The way it works is that you setup special links that your affiliates would share via their website, social media accounts, email and more to get you customers. In return, you pay them a commission for each sale that they bring you. There are various forms that affiliate compensation can take, such as per sale, on-going, or simply per lead conversion.

Blogger / Public Relations

Bloggers are influencers, with an unusual power. They can link to you. This offers 2 major benefits: 1) authority building for search engine optimization purpose and 2) driving, motivated to your website. Proper blogger outreach is an extension of public relations. It’s really about connecting with people who are passionate and offering them that makes it worth their while to cover your website/service/product. This can be financial incentives, giving them early access to products and services, giving them breaking news stories, etc. ┬áIt’s really up to you on how create you want to be.

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