1. Marketing Ideas imageHave promotional items produced and distributed. There are many things out there that can be stamped with your company logo; mouse pads, coffee cups, pencils, tote bags and so on are among the possibilities. These can be given away at special events or simply left around the office for people to see and take. If marked as free the chances that they will be circulated are higher.
  2. Sponsor a local event. Many companies have found that by helping with the expenses of a local event, their marketing is met with many benefits; one of which is the fact that your company name will be very prominent, and several if not hundreds of potential customers will be exposed.
  3. Develop a website. In today’s consumer market, many people expect a company to have a website. Not only does it show that you are willing to embrace new technology, but customers will be able to reach you by email, as well. They can read about your company at any hour of the day or week, from any corner of the world. This can be put together by staff, but there are also web design companies out there that can create something for you. Their professional experience will save you a lot of trouble.
  4. With any written media that you create, include customer testimonials. When people see that others who have taken a chance with you are happy, they will be more likely to join in. Make sure that the testimonials are honest and from real people, as this will make you appear legitimate and honest.
  5. When looking for marketing ideas, consider sending mail discussing your company directly to personal addresses. This is more expensive than simply placing an ad in the local newspaper, but it will reach more people. The more people there are who receive the information, the greater chance of somebody among them becoming interested.
  6. If your business deals with a physical product, marketing ideas can include donating them to local charities. By doing this you will be seen as helpful and positive, and impressed individuals will be more likely to give you a call at a later date.

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