Marketing research is about gathering information that will help you make decisions that are grounded in facts, rather than guesses. In today’s internet marketing world, you can do a lot of information gathering using various tools that are available for free or as a premium service.

Where to conduct marketing research:

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool helps you explore what potential buyers might be searching for. This can help you understand if there is an active demand for what you’re looking to offer.

Google Traffic Estimator

This nifty tool will help you estimate how many prospects you might be able to attract your website if you utilized Pay Per Click Advertising as a marketing strategy.

Google Insight

Google Insight helps you understand a few different things. First it helps you understand the trends for your market and the trends fo the niches inside your market. Secondarily it helps you understand the geography of your market. More on this later.


Similar to Google‘s keyword suggestion tool, WordTracker helps you explore what people are searching for.


Compete will help you analyze the traffic of your competitors websites. It contains a free and a premium edition of the software.

In addition, you can do a some serious espionage by looking through what your competitors are doing.

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