A mission statement is often a gigantic phrase or multiple paragraphs that describe the core purpose of the organization and it’s most valuable goals.

However, most of the time it’s quiet boring and an ideal that no one in the company or in the marketplace ever pays attention to or believes. They become pointless marketing bullshit.

Sometimes though, a mission statement can define your brand and what it stands for so clearly that it cuts through the noise to strike people right in the heart.

  • “Just Do It” ~ Nike.
  • “Loans that change lives.” ~ Kiva.
  • “Organizing the world’s information” ~ Google
  • “A computer in every home.” ~ Microsoft

Guy Kawasaki calls these short mission statements mantras. A mantra is a three-four word sentence that helps employees as well as customers understand why the organization exists.

By knowing the mission of your organization more clearly, each employee can make sound decisions that are congruent with who your are as an organization.

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