Product Market Fit imageWe’re building a marketing planning and management software. It’s going to be awesome or at least it’s vision of it in my head is awesome. However, so far it hasn’t been used by anyone yet.

The primary reason for this is that I’m currently building it while working on a number of other projects for my web design company clients. This means I don’t really know if it’s good. I don’t know that marketers really need what I’m building. And most importantly, I don’t know if they need it desperately enough to whip out their credit cards and become paying customers.

All of these things are pretty common unknowns for new businesses. As entrepreneurs and marketers, we instinctively have a gut feeling that people will need what we are building. We believe in the problem and that’s why we are building the solution… but we’re simply assuming. What we need to do is get to where we know there is a Product-Market Fit between what we’re offering and what our potential buyers want/need.

How do we get to Product-Market Fit? There are a number of really smart people who have written on the topic of Lean Startups and a lot of them cover Product-Market Fit pretty well. I’m learning by practicing.

There following are great resources for Product-Market fit that you should explore:

  • The Startup Pyramid by Sean Ellis (read at least everything before “Race up the Pyramid” section)
  •  Getting to Product-Market Fit by Patrick Vlaskovits (probably the best overview of PMF)
  • The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 4: The only thing that matters

There are many other good resources for product market fit on Google and I’ll add more as I read through them. If you find a great resource, be sure to add them in the comments below. I’m very interested in this area.

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