Software Marketing Plan imageMarketing your software wisely is the key to success. You may have built a program with an amazing framework, an engaging GUI, and practical features, but without applying that careful attention to detail to your marketing campaign; your software could just so easily fall into a pit of obscurity.

Construct a software marketing plan for each of your company’s products. While the plan following this introduction is by no means definitive, it should inspire and lay the foundation for a successful campaign, if utilized tactfully.

Stage 1: Application

  • Identify the benefits of your application to potential consumers. What will it change in their lives or their computing?
  • Identify how you wish your product will be defined. Will the price of your software be a key distinguishing factor? Will the set of features integrated into your software be the foremost identifying feature? Does the excellence of your customer support distinguish you from potential competitors?

Stage 2: Audience Analysis

  • Determining your primary audience is a key to your success. Understand the best ways to reach that audience, and from what internet channels you will best convey your message to the target audience.
  • Center on any vertical markets that you think your software might do well in. Identifying certain segments of larger markets that have less competition is also a good idea. Does your product serve a unique purpose that will be useful to a good number of people?

Stage 3: Competitive Analysis

  • Understand who your chief competitors are. Will they run your product out with superior software development, resources, or advertising campaigns? How does your competitor’s product compare to yours? Are your products priced competitively, or do you plan to undercut your competitor? Use information gathered about the products of your competitors to distinguish your product from theirs, this way, you will generate attention for your software.
  • What is the size of the market your software belongs to? What percentage of that given market is dominated by competition?

Stage 4: Product Promotion

  • What mediums of advertising do you use? Will you use video and motion graphics? Will you utilize viral marketing and E-Word of Mouth? What other strategies will penetrate your target market?

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