As it turned to be, a large number of students are interested in the definition of the best writer. Who can be called the best writer? What are the main characteristics of the best writer? Is it possible to become the best writer having no talent but a great desire to write?

Actually, this article is devoted to writing and the best writer in particular. So, I guess, it will be rather interesting for you to get the answers to all these questions.

There is no exact definition to the term “the best writer”. Although, we can shape the image of the best writer of his/her main characteristics:
Perfect writing skills. This implies abilities to express thoughts clearly and exactly. Besides, knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation also plays an important role here;
Abilities to involve the reader into reading process. The best writer states the thoughts so that certain images appear in your mind while reading, thus, your reading process is getting easy;
Abilities to write to the point. The best writer never supplies his/her paper with too many details. He/she understands perfectly how boring detailed information can be. Moreover, the best writer always knows what details will or will not interest the reader;
Abilities to compare things that prima facie seem to be incomparable. The language the best writer uses is always vivid and correspondent to the style he/she is using. If the paper is serious he/she uses a scientific style, if the paper is descriptive, it is full with perfect description written in literature style.

Do you think that these qualities are given by God only? You are deeply mistaking! Everyone can develop them if he/she has a desire.

Do you feel a writing impulse? Would you like to become the best writer for everyone to enjoy your compositions? Great! Any kind of creativity is a great deal!

However, becoming a writer is much easier that becoming the best writer. The best writer means ability to state the thoughts so that the reader would be able to create images and feel the atmosphere of your story.

I am a writer myself, so I would like to give you several, very essential pieces of advice if you want to become the best writer in your future.
Read as much as possible. While reading you are learning to build up sentences correctly, getting new information, learn to synthesize it, finding out new vocabulary…The list of benefits you may get from reading is endless. So, do not be lazy to open a book and read at least several lines before you fall asleep;
Practice a lot in writing. Experience is coming in the practicing process. So, gain your personal diary or your writing blog on the website. You may think of advertising your writing blog as well. But may be sure, practicing will influence positively on your writing skills;
Learn to express your thoughts clearly. This does not mean you should write like a small child. The sentences you are stating should be interesting and exclusive at one and the same time. Besides, your composition will make no sense if the sentences are not connected logically. So, learn to be logically consequent;
Be honest. People are different. Still, there is something that unites them all. Find this something. If you want to laugh at yourself, do it, being no afraid the reader will not understand you. Be sure, you will be understood.

In addition, I wish your dream of becoming the best writer will come true. And then I will be proud of myself to give advice to the best writer!


Who is Called and How to Become the Best Writer? imageWho is Called and How to Become the Best Writer? imageWho is Called and How to Become the Best Writer? imageWho is Called and How to Become the Best Writer? imageWho is Called and How to Become the Best Writer? image(No Ratings Yet)